The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton

3.75/ 5

Here’s a brief, non-spoilery review for this awesome book 🙂

The Quality of Silence by Rosamond Lupton is an adult thriller about a woman named Yasmin and her deaf daughter, Ruby. The novel is told from Ruby in first person, but alternates with Yasmin in third person (this may seem confusing, but their tones and voices are so different that it’s not). The story starts in an airport in Alaska, which is far from home for the two British ladies. They are there to find Yasmin’s husband (Ruby’s father) because Yasmin was suspicious of adultery between Matt (her husband), and a woman named Corazon.

The plot, while very gripping and addicting, seemed a little far-fetched, even for a fantasy lover like myself. But when I read a “realistic” fiction novel, I expect some degree of lifelike plot. In short, without spoiling anything, an astrophysicist is driving her and her daughter in a several-ton truck with a house in it across a dangerous Alaskan highway in the middle of a storm that even experienced truckers are avoiding. And somehow, the woman can drive this truck. It just strikes me as odd, how unrealistic this is, considering the plausible plot twist that occurs at the end of the story.

Something I really liked about this novel were the characters, especially Ruby. Since my experience with deaf characters is limited to Switched at Birth, I found the book very enlightening in terms of way of life. Throughout the story, we learn about sign language and other aspects of being deaf that I haven’t ever considered. I feel like I am leaving the book with more knowledge and respect towards deaf people, as well as their friends and families. Another interesting aspect of the characterization was Yasmin’s hardcore denial. In the beginning of the book, she is informed that her husband died in an intense snow storm, but she travels through Alaska in a truck because she is certain that he is alive. While this may have been annoying and illogical in another novel, Lupton made her journey seem reasonable.

Overall, this novel lived up to its genre because I couldn’t put it down. It was filled with nail-biting suspense and sent goose bumps down my neck. I was thoroughly creeped out, and so, I would consider this one a success.

Note: I received this hardcover from Blogging for Books for review. This did not influence my opinions in any way, this is a completely honest review.

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