Throne of Glass Summary

This week’s book for the Throne of Glass Re-readathon was Throne of Glass. I’ll admit… I’m currently writing this a few days in advance, and I’m already on Heir of Fire. I maybe, might have, read ahead. I’m not even sorry-oops. Anyway here is the summary for Throne of Glass. Note: this is a SUMMARY, not a review, which means there will be SPOILERS.


This is your last warning! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

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The UK edition

Okay, now that you are aware of that, let’s get this summary started. I’ll try to include the most important parts, but many scenes will be left out. This is meant as a refresher, not as a substitute for reading the book. Also, this is all from my memory, so some things may be out of order.


Celaena Sardothien, Adarlan’s Assassin, is working in the salt mines of Endovier when she is taken by the crown prince, Dorian Havilliard, and the captain of the guard, Chaol Westfall. She is to compete to be the King’s Champion, who is basically a hired killer for the crown. They head back to Rifthold, the capital of Adarlan, which is south of Endovier.

There are twenty-three others competing against Celaena, including the imposing Cain, who is representing Duke Perrington. The competitors have six months to train until the top four compete. Along the way, there will be tests where people will be eliminated, or even die. It’s basically the deadly version of Project Runway.

As Celaena trains with Chaol, who she finds mean, her body slowly strengthens- they go for a run every morning. At court, she meets lots of new people, including Princess Nehemia, who is the princess of Eyllwe and is there to negotiate with the king. She is bright and fiery, and her and Celaena become close friends, speaking to each other in Nehemia’s native language, which no one else understands. Celaena also meets Kaltain Rompier, a court lady who is using Duke Perrington to get closer to the prince. She is often complaining of headaches, which she uses opium to treat.

As the weeks progress, Celaena’s relationships with Dorian and Chaol improve. She is told to stay mediocre in the competition, so she will be underestimated. She poses as Lillian Gordaina, a jewel thief from Bellhaven. She makes a few friends as the competition narrows. The first is Nox, a thief with very good aim, and another is Pelor, who is an expert with poisons (in a future Test, he helps Celaena cheat by showing her which goblet is not poisonous). In addition, there is Cain’s group: Grave, Renault, and a few others. Competitors are also slowly disappearing as they are brutally murdered, showing up in the halls missing organs and other body parts. (Jack the Ripper, perhaps?) Strange marks, which Celaena learns are Wyrdmarks, are often found near the victim. Celaena suspects that Nehemia knows more about these than she is letting on.

Meanwhile, Celaena discovers a secret passageway behind a tapestry in her bedroom. There are three main tunnels: the middle one leads to the sewers (which she considers a backup escape plan), one leads to a spyhole for the great hall, and the other leads to a tomb. In the tomb lays Elena and Gavin, the first king and queen of Adarlan. On Samhuinn (Halloween) Elena’s ghost speaks to Celaena, saying there is a great threat in the castle that she must find and eliminate. She gives Celaena the Eye of Elena, an amulet which will protect her from harm.

Celaena and Dorian grow closer, until they are finally in a relationship (this will forever remain my second favorite TOG ship). At the Yulemas ball, the two dance together, and all eyes are on them. Chaol broods from the sidelines. He won’t admit to himself that he likes her.

One night, Celaena is in the secret passage and comes across Cain, who is summoning a creature with Wyrdmarks. He sics the creature on Celaena, who uses a sacred sword in the tomb to kill. She is injured and barely makes it back to her rooms, where Nehemia finds her. Celaena wakes up miraculously healed, and finally tells Nehemia of her true identity as Adarlan’s Assassin. Nehemia admits that her family can use Wyrdmarks, because they are an ancient power outside of the laws of magic (magic disappeared from Adarlan ten years ago). She says that Cain has been summoning the creature, called a ridderak, to kill opponents and take their strength. That is why after each murder, he grows physically stronger.

The final competition is moved ahead of schedule because enough of the competitors are eliminated or dead (thanks to Cain). Celaena had told Nox to run, and he left the palace unharmed. On the final competition, Celaena first fights against Grave, whom she beats easily. Cain wins his fight against Renault. However, before Celaena can fight Cain, they must drink from goblets to honor the gods. Celaena’s cup is poisoned by Kaltain Rompier, who had been scheming with Duke Perrington. Celaena ingests the drug, and it makes her uber dizzy.

During the fight, Celaena hallucinate demons everywhere. It turns out that the drug opened her mind to see the realm beyond. She sees Elena, who helps ward off the monsters that are coming. Cain also sees into this realm. They are talking here while simultaneously fighting in the real world. Celaena is taking a beating because of the drug. However, she sees Chaol supporting her from the sidelines and is motivated. Elena is able to take the drug from her body, and she wins the fight against Cain. Nehemia was chanting and drawing symbols from the sidelines, presumably helping to heal Celaena. It is revealed that the Eyllwe princess and Elena had spoken many times before.

After Celaena has won the competition, she almost passes out outside of the arena, and Cain comes up to stab her in the back. Chaol stabs him in the chest, killing him. Kaltain Rompier is framed by Duke Perrington for drugging Celaena and is thrown into the dungeons.

Celaena is now the King’s Champion. She knows her freedom is near and breaks things off with Dorian (boo).

Thank you all for reading! To check out other summaries, click here.

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