My hiatus is over! (After one more short hiatus)

Hey guys, so I’ve been missing for… a while now.  I’ve still been reading, but at a much slower pace than I’d like to. AP exams are coming up, along with finals, and then there are the dreaded college applications. I’m reaching the end of my junior year, so universities and general existential crises are major concerns.

Its scary!

University of Washington


A year from now, I’ll be packing my bags to move to a city where I don’t know anyone at a completely brand new academic environment. It’s so terrifying to think about life away from my parents, but it’s also very exciting. I’m definitely a homebody, so the transition will be pretty rough, but I’m eager to see where life will take me. So far, I’ve been looking at schools with strong art programs (hopefully I’ll go into a sensible direction and not become a starving artist) with a lot of other options. I don’t want to be trapped in the art department if I realize that it’s not for me. So far, my favorite schools have been Washington University (St. Louis) and University of Washington (Seattle). The campuses have been unexpextedly beautiful. It’ll be like living at Hogwarts!

That being said, I do want to focus more on my blog and on reading starting mid-May. All of my AP exams will be done at that time, so a few of my classes will be blessedly DONE. That’s also when I’ll be taking the SAT (please pray for me), so after that I’ll have very little to worry about until school starts again in the fall and I have to deal with college applications.

The UDub library *gasp*

Well, there’s my really long excuse for being missing! I hope you all have been doing well and reading good books. Which ones have been your favorite this year?

Mine definitely have to include A Crown of Wishes by Rokshani Chokshi and Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones. Both of them are high fantasy (and a bit odd), but they are extremely unique. They are both heavy on the romance but I really enjoyed  the way they were written. I’ll probably have full reviews for both coming (maybe) sometime soon.



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