Waiting On Wednesday: Fall Book Release Season

Hey everyone! We’re midway through summer, which means it’s time to start looking forward to the Fall book release season! There are just a ridiculous number of books that I’m really excited for–there are some huge releases and I wanted to share a couple with you.

Release: July 9. (I actually just finished this one, review to come soon)
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Release: August 6 (currently reading)












Release: September 24
Release: October 8 !!!!!!!!! This looks so good












Release: October 8
33590859. sy475
Release: October 1












43520225. sy475
Release: October 3 (read my review here)
43220998. sy475
Release: October 1












Which new releases are you most excited for? These are just some big ones by authors that I’m familiar with, so these are just the highlights for me.

Artboard 2@300x-100

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